Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I’m finding the whole blogging experience to be exhausting (but therapeutic) at times. My preferred method is to type merrily onto a Publisher document (ah, Publisher, how I love thee) & transfer on to my blog. There is a method in my madness, firstly I am on limited stupid Bigpond wireless internet & it saves my usage & I can re-hash what I write before uploading to the great beyond…

The problem I seem to have is thus: I am writing EPIC posts! Pages & pages of expunging, purging, backgrounds to my stories, memories which pop into my noggin as I spew forth my drama-of-the-day.

So I’m thinking right about now, I could give Tolstoy a run for his money & if he could write War & Peace & have it published in separate volumes, can I? Apart from the fact that I'm so much better looking than him, probably smell better & have a clean shaven face...

Is it proper Blog etiquette to post in parts? Being a newbie, I want to know if this is the done thing, or considered rather blasé & or distasteful.

Feedback please??


  1. Ummmmm, Dunno?
    I just write what I want and then re-read it and decide if I am willing to let anyone I know read that.
    If that's okay, I edit for reading ease and press publish.
    M blog is for me to express myself in, if anyone wants to read it, then that's lovely too.

    I suppose you could just post about one issue, and if anyone asks, write another post clarifying their point?

  2. Ah! Didn't think of that. Top idea & I'll wait for any "please explains".... Thanks :)

  3. You can always divvy up the epic posts into numbered parts and space them out over a week, that's what some bloggers do :)



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