Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sorry I opened my big mouth!

Here I sit, covered in MDF dust & liquid nails, eating a cheese & onion sandwich or two. In the garage I have set up; my cordless drill, electric sander, jigsaw & workbench. Feeling so very blokey at the moment!

Junior has to build a 'sustainable' house model for school, so as you do, when you're a complete glutton for punishment exceptionally helpful mother, you go the whole-hog. An exact, scale replica of the very first house we ever built, straight off the plan (bar the bay window in the lounge room, too fiddly).

I have discovered I have a penchant for the jigsaw, going swimmingly in the cutting department. The Liquid Nails however, is detemined to defy me at every God-damned turn! Knew I should have stuck to silicone to stick the mofo wonderful little model together.

Windows are a bit crooked, but junior assures me they look good (she would say that, lest I down tools & give her cardboard boxes to construct with).

All this on a Sunday which, truth be told, I would rather be lying in bed, watching bad tv, or snoozing. Usual aches & pains & holding my head up to keep the disc in place is IMPOSSIBLE when I need to look down, or lose a limb to said power tools...

I am, admittedly, THE most 'unco' looking tradie, ever to walk this earth. Here's a giggle for you: I'm wearing trackies & moccies (old ones, of course), an old jacket, holey t-shirt, neck-brace & wrist brace. Haven't done the hair today, so it's all "look at me, I just had a good night" (sleep that is..)

It is cold in the garage, it's raining outside, I DON'T WANNA, but I will, for my baby girl, who deserves this epic, kick-arse project :)

BTW, her sire is a builder & could have possibly knocked this one over in a matter of hours. The fact she didn't even ask him, speaks volumes to me...

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